Challaborough Bay

If you are staying on the main holiday park you will benefit from the excellent facilities the have to offer. The leisure centre is modern and spacious, with a good sized swimming pool, spa, sauna and gym equipment. The park is well equipped for it's guests and you will find a non-stop programme of entertainment throughout your stay.

If you are not staying with the main holiday park fear not! The whole point of visiting Challaborough is the environment and area you are in. The beach is a truly exceptional blue flag beach, one of the best in the area. It is far less busy than any of the other local beaches, despite having better access and ammenities. There are two food outlets, a beach side bar/restaurant, public toilets, play parks, shop and ice cream hatches within "bare foot" walking distance.

But even that is not really the main reason why you should come to Challaborough Beach. The bay itself is quite unique in its enclosed shape, providing an exceptionally safe haven for bathers and surfers alike. At low tide the sand bar that crosses the mouth of the bay is often only just below the surface, meaning the adventurous can wade out, hundreds of metres away from the beach.

Through the valley winds are small fresh water stream, that eventually passes under a low bridge and snakes it's way down to the sea. Throughout the summer, groups of small children beaver away at creating dams to ebb the flow, but the water always breaks free in the end. The sand is the best for sandcastles, particularly below the tide line, and is nice and flat for the impromptu sporting tornaments in which families compete.

The wave pattern at Challaborough is quite distinctive and attracts lots of surfers from far and wide. The at medium tide the waves break on the Eastern shore and peel away, providing long, easy to ride waves, perfect for beginners and pros alike. Even on apparently calm days you will see a dedicated flock of hopefuls, bobbing in the water, waiting for the perfect wave to come their way.

If you are looking for complete escape, even from the calm and quiet of this delightful cove, there is an even more special place, not very far away. Many visitors have passed through over the years, completely unaware of the second bay just around the corner. Affectionately named by the locals 'Fairy Land', this magical place is accessed by climbing through the rocks on the western side. But be aware, that if you choose to venture out there you will suddenly be very much on your own. It is best to explore in a group in case you need help etc. Perhaps that is why most prefer the safety and sanctuary of the main beach.

If you want to trek further afield, the coastal cliff path to the West is truly a stunning experience. Although not for the faint hearted, you will find a series of small, incredibly remote, coves. Linked by a series of caves at low tide, this whole area is a haven of calm, except for those who are lucky enough to know about 'Jumping Rock' and the numerous secret beaches, some of which are only accessible by boat.

Alternatively you may wish to enter something a little more civilised by walking up the track to Bigbury on Sea. This resort gives stunning first impressions, fuelled by the fact there is a tidal island with it's very own hotel and pub perching on the North Eastern shore. The 'Sea Tractor' is a must for any toddler, and will transport you safely across the waves at high tide to the island. But if you really want a treat, try venturing away to the East, up the river estuary to Cockleridge. This route is a great walk, particularly if you are entertaining dogs, but is only possible at low tide.

Perhaps after a week of staring at the sea you will crave some hard ground to explore. It is well worth exploring further up the valley. Walk up to the top of the holiday park, past the boat store, following the stream through the dog exercise area, and you will find yourself on the footpath network. Head up the valley and generally bear left, you will arrive in a completely desserted picturesque valley, will pools and trees and stillness. If you carry on to the top of the hill you can either turn left or right. To the left you can join the lanes and head back down to Challaborough via Ringmore village. If you turn right you can explore Bigbury village and return to Challaborough through the Eastern valley.